Stadium CCTV

Keep stadiums and arenas safe with unparalleled image detail.

• Capture facial detail to identify unruly spectators

• Comply with government security regulations

• Provide a safe and welcoming environment for visitors


Keeping spectators safe in crowds of 50,000 or more isn’t easy. It’s a process that traditionally needs hundreds of cameras. Avigilon’s HD Pro cameras can cover large areas, and make it easy to spot suspicious activity. Our access management makes it easy to control who can access restricted areas.


See what you’ve been missing.

Get unparalleled image detail with an Avigilon high-definition surveillance system.

Our award-winning software combined with our broad range of megapixel cameras deliver superior image quality and maximum coverage.


Maximum clarity with minimum bandwidth.

Our High Definition Stream ManagementTM (HDSMTM) technology preserves complete image integrity through visually lossless compression, while intelligently managing bandwidth and storage.

A system that’s smart, intuitive and easy to use.

Find scene changes, missing objects and events with Avigilon Control Center – the industry’s quickest high-definition video search. We give you full control over surveillance video playback, allowing you to quickly retrieve evidence and speed up response times and investigations.

ACC Mobile lets you monitor your system remotely over any wireless IP network using any Apple or Android device. View live and recorded video from any location with a wireless connection reducing response times.

Zoom in on objects to get unparalleled image detail. Read license plates from across a parking lot. Get evidence-quality facial recognition. All with Avigilon Control Center and HDSM technology.


Take your pick of the best HD cameras.

We offer a broad range of megapixel cameras — 1 MP to 7K (30 MP) — that deliver exceptional image quality.

Scale up. Our system grows with you.

You can add camera after camera with almost no increase in bandwidth, servers or hardware. We scale with you, so you can invest in what matters to you most: growing your business.

Our software can handle an unlimited number of cameras. All without slowing down your system. Really. So go on and plug in another camera. Then another. The sky’s the limit.

Our system is unlike anything else on the market and is built from the ground up to keep image quality big and file size small. That means you can scale up with minimal increases to bandwidth, servers or hardware.

Unparalleled image detail. Unrivalled value.

Reduce your costs with an Avigilon high-definition surveillance system. No annual software licensing fees. Free 24/7 technical support. Replace countless VGA cameras with one Avigilon high-definition camera. And reduce training time with our easy-to-use system.

Video analytics integration

Avigilon Control Center allows for the integration of Avigilon’s Rialto analytics appliances, displaying real-time event detection and object verification through ACC’s simple and easy-to-use interface. these technologies enable you to create a powerful surveillance solution that can detect activity in a monitored scene, helping to prevent damage to property.


True preventative protection

Smarter analytics technology, built on HD

With a backbone built on sharper HD video, Avigilon offers a smarter analytics solution that is unparalleled in the industry. Through the use of high definition video analytics, pattern-based analytics algorithms and teach by example capabilities, Avigilon is leading the industry in providing preventative protection through superior self-learning video analytics technology.

Superior prevention, superior image detail

Get detailed pre and post-incident protection

The combination of instant and accurate object detection and classification alerts, with the identification performance of high definition video, provides users with an unmatched level of protection to keep both personnel and assets safe. Avigilon analytics, paired with our 1 – 3 MP high definition cameras, provide unmatched perimeter protection, while our high resolution HD Pro cameras (4 – 7K, based on horizontal resolution) provide the coverage and detail needed for identification and verification of irrefutable evidence.


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