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Burglar Alarms Edinburgh : Wireless Burglar Alarms Installed From Just £500

Our iFire 2000 complete wireless burglar alarm system comes installed from only £500. This package includes 4 motion sensors, 1 door contact, 1 control panel & 1 external siren. Additional detection can be added to your package. We install our security systems thoughout Edinburgh, Lothians and Scotland.


Who Do We Protect?

Intruder shadow figure

Domestic: Alarms Edinburgh

iFire installs home security alarm systems for all households throughout Edinburgh, Lothians and Scotland. We know security is important, that’s why you’re reading this page. We use high-quality products only which comply with current regulations currently in place DD243, PD6662 & EN50131.

Our staff are specialists and trained to make recommendations to suit all household needs. We can set up your intruder alarm so that you can easily arm the entire system or partially arm rooms that you would like armed at night, whilst leaving other rooms off. You can add panic buttons, movement detectors and door and window sensors or even smoke detectors, they can text a mobile phone or be monitored back to our 24 hours manned monitoring station. There are many options and we are more than happy to assist.

iFire specialises in top quality award-winning wireless burglar alarms. These alarm systems don’t need wires, install easily and are able to be moved whenever you move. If you ever move take the hassle out of starting again when you move with one of our wireless alarms – simply remove it! Sensors can be installed exactly where you need them and you are not restricted by cable access.

We offer a large variety of selected burglar alarms Edinburgh and throughout Scotland. Our alarm systems are ideal for home security and protecting commercial premises and are being used to protect property from homes to some of the largest corporations.

We provide top quality, comprehensive service. We analyse your security needs and advise on the security system that best suits your needs. Having been installing security systems for over 25 years, our expert security alarm installation team ensures the system meets your needs and performs effectively.

We can also offer additional facilities for your alarm system: duress facilities, smoke detection and medical emergency alerts.
As a home security system, alarms are a great deterrent for burglars – they don’t like them!

Burglars tend to look for an external siren box when checking out a property. If they see a burglar alarm system, they will most likely move on to another home.

Insurance after a break-in?

Yes, insurance can help you financially in the event of a break-in. What it can’t do is replace lost mementoes and belongings that you are emotionally attached to – unique jewellery, cameras full of photos, or gifts received from loved ones. It also doesn’t protect your family from the threat and consequences of a home invasion. Installing a home security system may not only lower your risk of having to make an insurance claim, it can potentially mean lower premiums too.

There’s no question that should you be burgled, you will face steeper home insurance premiums in future. But how much more? One of the market leaders in home insurance says that “it depends on a number of things. Typically the claim amount, the no-claims bonus reduction, etc.” Home insurance is often seen as a repayment plan rather than the pooling of risk. Do insurers simply claw back payouts through premium hikes? Prevention is always the best approach if you do not want to suffer such a post-burglary insurance experience.

According to UK Police, studies have CONCLUSIVELY shown a well-fitted and maintained intruder alarm system makes you less likely to become a victim of burglary.

Insurance Approved

iFire Fire & Security is an Insurance Approved company with third-party accreditation from SSAIB.

SSAIB Company Registration Number: LOTH028

Intruder Alarm System Certificate

Universal Commercial Entrance

Commercial Security

At iFire, we understand that not all businesses are the same, which is why all our security consultants will discuss your individual business alarm monitoring needs to be suited to your business. We will tailor a package designed to encompass all of your security concerns.

Whether you are a small scale shop or a large industrial warehouse, we have the solution for you, including:

  • Intruder alarm systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Access control
  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Alarms that alert your mobile phone
  • Motion detection
  • Holdup buttons
  • Panic buttons
  • Wireless devices
  • Hardwired security
  • Industrial security
  • keyholder response

We understand business and pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to provide complex solutions.


Intruder alarm systems

Monitored intruder alarm systems are often an insurance requirement for commercial premises. We provide a cost-effective high-end service which allows iFire as insurance approved installers to always meet your insurer’s demands.


Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are a legal requirement in many commercial premises. Not only should they be installed but they must be maintained. We specialise in conventional systems in small commercial premises to large addressable systems.


CCTV Systems

CCTV is always an advantage in the commercial sector. Whether it’s used for monitoring of the public, staff or for security purposes. We stream live images to your phone and if required linked to our 24-hour monitoring station.


Access control

Access control is key to securing your commercial property and assets during the day and out of hours. Restricting who can gain access through doors or into buildings with set codes or fobs for access, meaning YOU control who is in your building.

CCTV Camera Security

Home CCTV systems can help you to protect the things you care about the most – your family and your home – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Watch over your home from anywhere in the world by viewing live and pre-recorded images with an iFire Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system. Home CCTV can also extend your current home security systems by acting as a deterrent to potential intruders.

Featuring cameras, monitors and digital recorders, our CCTV home security systems integrate seamlessly into your overall home security set-up and provide a powerful visual deterrent to intruders.

What level of security do I get for my money?

  • Strong visual deterrent for intruders, helping to prevent crime
  • Increased sense of security and peace of mind for you and your family
  • Watch live and pre-recorded images from your digital recorder or remotely from your smartphone device or tablet
  • Round the clock visibility – view colour images during the day and infrared images at night
  • Opportunity to set up a network of up to 16 cameras


Business CCTV

Safeguard your business around the clock with an iFire Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) System.

Business CCTV camera surveillance systems offer a wide range of benefits to business owners, including effective security and loss prevention solutions.

The benefits of CCTV surveillance:

  • CCTV acts as a deterrent to potential intruders
  • Defend your business against theft and vandalism
  • Actively monitor OH&S risk areas
  • Protect and monitor your staff
  • Enhance operations management


Our CCTV surveillance systems are able to integrate seamlessly into your current business security set-up and provide a wide range of benefits to your business, staff and customers.

What level of business security do I get for my money?

  • Enhanced deterrent for thieves, vandals or intruders
  • Capture and view live and pre-recorded images from your digital recorder or remotely from your smartphone device or tablet
  • Gain 24-hour visibility with the option to view colour images during the day and infrared images at night
  • 1080p FULL HD Recordings
Scortec CCTV Cameras

Monitoring Systems

For as little as 30p per day, iFire offers to monitor for all existing and newly installed business and home alarm systems. For all of our Monitored systems our Control Room will contact the premises of your business; call the nominated contact/s and/or dispatch police/response vehicle to your premises.

Monitoring provides peace of mind, knowing there is someone watching over your home or business premises 24 hours a day, 365

Enjoy the ultimate protection and safeguard your home or business around the clock with iFire’s alarm monitoring and alarm response patrol services.

With a direct link to the Security Alarm Monitoring Centre, you can benefit from an immediate response 24/7 – whenever your alarm is activated.

Enjoy the feeling of safety and security, knowing that our systems and response team are ready to respond to any break-in or intrusion immediately, day or night.

What level of security do I get for my money?

  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring
  • Keyholder Response
  • Police Response

Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on neighbours or passers-by to act when your home or business alarm is sounding. That’s why an NRMA Security back-to-base monitored alarm gives you the support and protection you need when you’re away from the property.

With a direct link to the Security Alarm Monitoring Centre, which is staffed by highly trained personnel, we can provide 24/7 monitoring for your intruder alarm system, including integrated smoke detectors, panic buttons and more.


24/7 Alarm Response Patrols

iFire also offers 24/7 alarm response patrols as an optional extra to your monitored home or business alarm system. Providing valuable support in the event that your alarm is activated, licensed security personnel attend your premises in accordance with your pre-determined security response plan.

Situation room of the FRONTEX Headquarter in Warschau, Poland, June, 2014
Fireman fighting fire

Fire Alarms

Will you survive a fire?

Building fires occur all the time.

Are you absolutely sure you, your family, property and assets could survive a fire with minimal loss?

The only difference between a devastating loss of life, property or your business could be having working fire safety systems.

But sadly, many people think they’re okay. Their systems are old, inadequate and simply not up to the task when called upon. Fires can take hold within minutes. Flashover (where a fire moves from the original source to igniting the whole room) can be as little as 2 minutes. Rooms can reach over 1000 degrees C.

Which means you have VERY LITTLE time to evacuate should your fire systems not protect you.

Now assuming you do get out safely, your next battle could be with your Insurance Provider.

Commercial building and apartment blocks MUST have fully compliant, maintained fire alarm systems in accordance with British Standards(BS) requirements.

Systems must be regularly serviced and audited in accordance with BS5839:2013 or you run the risk of having your claims reduced or knocked back.

At iFire, our goal is to ensure your systems are fully compliant and will work to protect you in an emergency.

Our team are all accredited fire specialists with over 25 years experience to the table.

Don’t leave yourself at risk. Call us on 0330 121 1234 Now and book yourself in for a Fire Safety Check.

Video Intercom Systems

Be in control of the people you allow to access your home or business with a Video Intercom Unit. Installing a video intercom system helps you to control access to your property and can help to safeguard against a break in, protecting your family and assets. Our modern audiovisual communication system enables you to identify the visitor on a visual display from inside your home, engage in a conversation if desired and then decide to allow entry to the person calling.

Video intercoms are popular in many newly built properties, but if you are living in a more traditional property and want to add a level of extra security to your home or business, then a video intercom is easy to install.


Other benefits


In addition to adding an extra level of security to your property, a video intercom system provides convenience and can also help to add value to your property.
So whether you are thinking of upgrading your home security or enhancing the level of security protection for your business, installing an intercom has a range of benefits that will benefit your family.

Front door security monitor
Safe Contractor Approved

Health & Safety

IFire UK is an accredited member of SafeContractor Scheme.

The SafeContractor scheme implements a health and safety checking service for contractors to reassure their clients that all health and safety measures and procedures have been followed by the contractor team while carrying out the job on their premises.



What They Say About Us

 At iFire we are proud of our results and client base and one of the benefits of having so many satisfied customers is that other people can benefit from their advice and experiences with our products and services.


We Only Work With The Best

At IFire UK Ltd, we like working closely with the industry leader. This has helped us build strong relationships with leading suppliers and manufacturers. Allowing us to keep costs down and quality up. We provide security solutions that complement your business and we can guarantee we only install the best systems.


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